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If you are an apathetic or disenfranchised or disgusted voter who is "turned off" by the state of politics in America, and you believe that the prevailing powers do not represent your personal needs, you are not alone. is a nonpartisan organization to reinvigorate voters back into the political process by providing alternatives to the plutocracy of "Republicrats" (Republicans and Democrats) whom we traditionally vote for because of a lack of viable choices. desires that the control of government be returned to the people, and not left in the hands of power hungry, incompetent and corrupt politicians. We want to get you really mad about government waste and corruption so you'll choose alternatives to throw the representatives who rarely represent the people out of office.

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Major Articles
The Foundation of American Government
Violations of the Constitution
How to Destroy America in 8 Steps
Growth of Government
Downfall of Democracies
Defense Contracting Rip-Off
Passionately Fighting Government Programs
Politically Correct Stupidities
Direct Election of the President
Analyzing Political Parties/Candidates
Affirmative Action - Does it Benefit Mankind?
The Death Penalty and War on Drugs
Fighting Terrorism
Gays/Women in the Military
Regulation vs. Deregulation
Reforming Our Tax System
National Health Plan/Prescription Drugs
National Identity Card
Gun Control Issues
Social Security System
Which Political System Is Best?
What Are Secular Humanists?

What you can do to Win the Election in 2012

Major Newsletter Articles
A Cheap and Logical Alternative to ObamaCare
Pros and Cons of Executing Mass Murderers
How Much Does the Federal Government Pay in Interest?
Canadian National Healthcare Falling Apart
Americans Believe Activist Judges Overstepping Role
Federal Workers Grossly Overpaid
Who Pays Federal Income Taxes?
Bush Plans Superhighway From Mexico to Canada
Why New Jersey's Goverment Shut Down for 5 Days
Bring Back Operation "Wetback"
Readers Want Less Liberalism in Newspaper
Gay Marriage: Are Gays 'God's Creatures' or Mutants?
2008 Federal Budget - Monument to Irresponsibility
Congressman Wants to Move Tax Day Closer to Election
"Sicko" is Spelled "Michael Moore"
Supreme Court Finally Ending Racism in Education
France's New President Slashes Taxes and Extends Workweek
Newly Incorporated Suburbs Setup "Barebones" Government
San Francisco to Have ID Cards for Illegals
Is It Illegal To Buy Ambien Online

The Lounge Lizard's Guide to Marriage and Divorce

It's Time for Another Boston Tea Party

My Brother's Folly

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